Ghotki the land of slaves

Ayaz Ahmed Kalhoro
It’s hard to say that Ghotki city is the under the chain of slavery the population of this city is about to Seventeen lacks but none of us are free from this disease everyone is here locked with slavery and habitual to work under others never thought to do any commodity for ourselves or for the future of this city, In this city About Ten plus industries like as FFC , Engro Power plant , Mari Gas field , Qadir pur Gass field and Sugar Mill etc are built here and Millions of funds indicated in the documents allotted for the welfare of Ghotki city but in reality there is No whiff each of them, No Roads, Hospitals and not satisfactorily education establishments just one university campus where hardly Eight Hundred students can get their education , No Medical and Engineering universities are here students have to endure a lot of turmoils to go far from home to get their education, but the people of the Ghotki never had stood up for their privileges and moreover the alliances of their new generation never thought fruitful and constructive for this city they are fearful of to relinquish faith in front of their landlords of this city and not demanded the better establishment ,clean environment, pure water and quality schooling, the best institutions running here are private sectors, but they are not providing quality education to the students they are running their schools as like business these schools never thought that they are students they feast like one thousand is sitting on one chair and one sitting on another they count thousands wise not as a student I am so sorry to writing this, but that is vicious reality of this Ghotki city schools going to grow quantity of students not a quality of amateurs when i discern these things my eyes get greasy when and how this Ghotki get better and our people stand with the truth now the current situation of the city is getting better, but it needs polish and development How it will happen we should get unite and slant our voice together for actual rights then the that day will never be far from us to active our rights from this system or from the chain of slavery, and it will happen through the education, unity and self believe if you wanna to see the developed nations they got their rights like this not like living in a dark world so get up and take it if they are not giving then sneach it for ourselves and for new generation.

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