You Cannot Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Babar Shahzad
Enjoin the good and forbid the wrong(Amr bil Ma’ruf), congregated of 10 million people on Imran Khan’s call at the Parade ground in Islamabad on 27 March, the massive crowd was assembled to encourage the good and proscribe the wrong. Further more, a letter was unveiled by Imran Khan in front of masses and declared that a foreign conspiracy was afoot to remove him from power, touting the opposition’s no-trust move against him as a testimony of a “foreign funded” move to topple his government. Are we really being dragged towards slavery which we had left almost 7 decades ago? However, in Pakistan this is not for the first time, the no-trust motion has been moved. Formerly, it was filed against Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 1989. Subsequently, P.M Shoukat Aziz was also trialed.Is history once again repeating its self? Why? Is that ensuing owing to the failure of democracy? However, now if we have a glimpse on the current circumstances of a country’s politics, it is an unprecedented game which is being played and given the name of “Surprise” which has astonished the world. Additionally, the Deputy Speaker has denied the no trust motion in the light of article 5 of constitution of Pakistan which reflects loyalty to state and obedience to constitution and law .Thereafter, the president has dissolved assemblies according to the article 58. Consequently, there shall be fresh elections.Let’s see to whom the masses mandate. Inconsistent tenures do not bode well for democracy in Pakistan. A bright future of Pakistan counts upon strong roots of democracy.

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