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Subsidized items not sold in bulk to black marketing

Islamabad ,   (ZNN TV):  The Federal government has successfully launched the Ramadan Relief Package through Utility Stores Corporation to provide special subsidy on 19 basic items for the convenience of the people. Special discounts of up to 15% are also being offered on over 1500 items available at utility stores.
The Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan has ensured uninterrupted supply of all items through more than 4,000 stores spread across the country.
All the stores across the country are crowded with people. Utility Stores Corporation is providing a large quantities of subsidized items. Consumers are requested to visit the stores early in the day to avoid rush and bring a copy of their ID card with them so that you can easily avail the Ramadan package. More than 1.6 million families have benefited from this package since April 1.
This year’s Ramadan package of utility stores is also significant because the corporation has adapted its store system to the modern lines of the ERP system in a very short period of time. Which is the largest system of digitization in any government institution, due to which the operational affairs of utility stores have been made fully automated and transparent and during the month of Ramadan, better services are being provided to the customers than before.
In order to discourage black marketing and sale of subsidized food items in bulk, the management of the corporation has decided that subsidized items will not be sold in bulk so that more consumers can benefit from the Ramadan relief package.

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