We are destroying us ourselves

Zarrain Iqbal
From the middle ages onwards, life changed and developed. More people, though only a minority began to live in towns. Today i that thanks to good water supplies, health care, medical advances, and the other benefits of good housing and transporting that we enjoy people live, on average twice as long as they become alive a century ago. As a result, but we have become too complacent now that we are destroying our environment truely. Such as Everyday more huge industrial plants pour out immense amount of polluting smoke or called as smog. Many industrial processess have dangerous and poisonous by products which are often allowed to run into river making the water deedly to fish or plants, and also to humans. Billions of motor vechicles emit toxic gases into air especially in towns and cities. Those gases accumlate high up in the atmosphere, forming a blank serious climate change. At the last, it is our life that we are living now no purpose no plan whats mean to live Always try to create good plan that would make your life purposeful to live.

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