Abstract Art

Shakira Hafeez
Art is a creation that is created through the expression of imagination. The word abstraction means the distancing of an idea from its objective attributes. There are various kinds of art and abstract art is one of them. abstract art has a reality. Its meaning is hidden in it and it is difficult for common people to understand its meaning easily. Abstract art is point loosely means it is not art properly. Though there are no rules and regulations in abstract art, it is meaningful and beautiful. Abstract arts are rated to show the thinking method of the artists or represent phenomena. It helps people to understand one’s inner parts more directly. By seeing it people can observe the reality of one’s perception and emotions. It is said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” So this art is the root of imagination in which one can see the imaginative world. So this art helps the creative mind to create the image of the abstract world. It is a way to show people how abstract artists see or perceive the world.

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