Quest for quality education

Usama Mughal
There exists a few core necessities for having exalted prosperity, huge development, significant progress and mammoth growth of any society and nation.Of these prerequisite requirements, Education is the one. It is certain apparatus being proffered human beings with knowledge, skill, experience and intellectual capacity to cope with looming avalanches of challenges and difficulties. Nations from all walk of live being centered on quality education succeeded in reaping tremendous and significant standing in the comity of the nations. The Muslims and other minorities also exercised rule over the world because they possessed best, sound and quality education. Pakistan is hugely encumbered with so myriad challenges which encompasses socio-political economic, cultural, diplomatic and so on eating the very already tottering fabric of Pakistani society—very antediluvian. Unfortunately, All these daunting challenges are severely impeding the path leading towards the development, growth and progress of the country both at national and international front. Not surprisingly, these obstructive challenges coming way can be tackled out as nothing is impossible provided that pragmatic approach be adopted. Furthermore, one vital factor that can help in surmounting over all these byzantine challenges is indeed an effective, sound and better education system which is the dire need of the hour, in case we really want to steer clear of awkward situation. Regrettably, hitherto our prehensile rulers have miserably failed to provide quality education ambiance to the masses—teeming with “retrogressive and conservative cerebration”. Our literacy rate is 58% as per the statistics of the government of Pakistan. This is way behind than that of the developed countries. Even in so many countries having in South Asia, we are lingering behind disproportionately.Moreover, Our immediate country India possess 74% literacy rate while Sri Lanka stands at 90%. Pakistan, unfortunately, ranks at the world’s second highest number of out-of-school children with approximately 22.8 million in the age bracket of five to 16 years old. All these above-mentioned ingredients/factors highlight the deplorable and deteriorating condition of education system in our country particularly. To conclude, There is pressing and desperate need of strong and effective education system to impart quality and better education to the citizens of Pakistan and government should ensure his shouldered responsibilities with also augmenting budget for education as we are at the bottom in terms of percentage of budget allocated for education sector. Teachers plays vital and significant role in moulding any education system. Specific and particular attention must be provided to the teachers on their training vocation, and most importantly is the guarantee of hiring of our intellectual, skilled and best brains in this education sector and in such a way, we will be able to equip our succeeding generations with the required skills to subdue all the problems and challenges. Moreover, by education cognition we will be able to overcome our ignorance—which can have a baleful and negative repercussions on individuals and societies.

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