Covid 19

A Tip to End Covid-19

Muhammad Hassan Karim
With Covid-19 changing our lives, we are doing everything we can but we can’t finish it. It’s only a matter of luck if you are immune to this virus because of your immune system. Everyone wants to end it and we have made considerable progress. What if, just what if, we tell you that there is a way by which we can end this virus. To do this there is a technique by which we can make a vaccine. There are three ways by which you can make a vaccine. The first method is to use cell culture adaptation, in which we make the virus live in a controlled environment where the temperature, humidity, and other factors which affect the reproduction of the virus. The most threatening thing about the virus is not the virus itself but the RNA (ribonucleic acid) which is the main cause of its reproduction and due to it, the virus starts infecting the body. To stop a virus from reproducing, the Lymphocytes make antibodies and those antibodies stick to the spike protein structures they stop the virus from attaching to host receptor cells and the virus is identified by the Phagocytes and they engulf the virus in the process of Phagocytosis and finish it off. How do you think the soldiers in war differentiated themselves from their enemies? The same case is here. Now the first method is the cell culture adaptation and the next method is the destruction of the gene. In this method, the RNA is denatured by which only the outer part of the virus remains. By this, our immune system can produce antibodies like this and the virus can’t even reproduce. This method usually involves chemicals. Many viruses have been treated like this but this method is basically like hit and try. We also have evidence of this fact that it might even work. Remember SARS virus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), the data proves that SARS and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) had a high fatality rate but a low infecting rate. These viruses were both declared an epidemic (SARS in Hong Kong and North Korea and MERS in Saudi Arabia) and both of these are in the Corona family, so there might even be even the slightest chance that they have some similar abilities. Viruses often can reproduce and multiply and spread around the body rapidly. A virus is a parasite that only proves to be lethal when inside a host body. These organisms enter the body and adhere to the cell surface. It depends on the type of virus, it looks for cells in different parts of the body: skin, respiratory system, or blood plasma. Once it has attached itself to the healthy cell, it enters a host cell, it starts hijacking the cellular processes to produce a virally encoded protein that replicates the virus’ genetic material. It is important to note that when a virus infects a host, it does not always end up in disease. The infection occurs when the virus begins to divide. And the disease occurs when many body cells are damaged by the infection, which is also when symptoms begin to appear. There are ways in which our immune system fights against the virus. The immune system is the first line of defense. If it is not able to fight off the virus because it has already infected several organs a treatment can be used to relieve the symptoms such as the inflammation of the organs that produce cough, headache, etc. On the other hand, viruses can be prevented with vaccines. Nowadays, this is the most efficient approach used. The vaccine assists in recognizing the infectious agent and produces a specific immunity against disease because it trains antibodies and cells. All in all, viruses are pathogens that can only live if they find a host. Once they find a host and manage to outdo all-natural and scientific barriers that the body produces, they can infect the person. In addition, if they manage to overcome the immune system, the person will get sick. Ever heard the saying, “Precaution is better than cure”. The scientists, doctors, nurses, social workers, and even our parents work tirelessly to protect us from outside dangers. It’s time for all of us to unite and play our part in defeating this virus and go back to living our normal lives. If nothing changes, who knows, maybe another wave of this virus will visit us again with a new face.

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