Faults in technology

Technology has become as important for the people of modern age as food for hunger. No doubt, technology is being used by everyone, for several causes, in the present erra. Even, people of the current period cannot think of living without technology. Technology has changed the structure of this world for benefit. Technology a vital role in Coto living the individuals and nations, spreading knowledge and providing comfort, and much more.Technology is very helpful to maintain relations with others who are living far away from us through the wonders, of technology like mobiles, computers, etc. In the same way, we are always in touch with others. Now-a-days due to technology, countries have come closer than ever. Internet is the easiest resource to spread knowledge. On the contrary, technology is also misused by the wrong hands. With the help of technology women are violated, terrorism is performed, security is endangered. Religious and personal contradictions, fraudulent in digitization, are common disadvantages of technology. Ofsecurityernment implements fair rules then our country can get a fraudigitized world.

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