Woman Activist: Dr. Aisha Dharejo

Syed Ali Hyder Shah
Aisha Dharejo is a Ph.D. scholar, short story writer, columnist, chairperson of the Sindh Sauhi Sath organizations, and woman activist. Besides, participating in all of these mentioned activities, she is part of many other organizations of human rights. Dr. is the voice of suppressed class and is a perfect example of a humanist. Dr. is always with women who are suffering in society. To spread awareness, she always participates in different seminars and gathering to highlight the problems of women and to find solutions. She is being followed by thousands of people on social media. I got a chance to meet her at Ghotki Festival. she was talking about women’s rights with other feminists. At the festival, they talked about different issues of women, which were not highlighted by the media and they tried to make people understand what feminism means. At the festival, there were also many males and females participants. The audience asked questions about feminism and all the activists gave brief answers to them. Most of them agreed and promised to support women who are suffering and who were not given basic human rights.In last, I really want to appreciate Dr. Aisha for supporting, motivating, and solving the problems of those who suffer in our society.

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