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Hope and Despair

Zoha Kazim
Hope and despair are part of life. Hope is such a thing that moves man to success and despair moves man to failure.Like hope and despair, success and failure are also part of life. Sometimes we fail, and sometimes succeed. Not always success nor failure.We often get afraid from failure, but like success, it is also a part of life. Sometimes it’s better for us to get success by facing failure. While we’ll not learn facing things, we can’t achieve success. If we’ll lose hope at the time of failure, then how can we get success?Let’s suppose, you want to become a Professor. This is your life’s aim. You think you can’t do this. You give up, lose hope. Then how will you achieve your goal, if you lose hope? Will it be possible for you to achieve it? No, in this way, you’d never be able to achieve it. For achieving this, you’ve need if courage and hope that you can do that. You’d have to work hard because you’ve to achieve it. You’ll have to try your best for achieving your goal. Until you won’t learn facing difficulties, you can’t succeed in life Failures are part of life. We have to achieve success by learning from the failures. In life, some people succeed in first attempt and some achieve after too many attempts. It’s a rule of life. Everyone doesn’t succeed at the same time. But it doesn’t mean that those who become a victim of failure, should give up. They should keep on trying. Their goal should be to move on. They’ll have to become brave enough, will have to learn lessons from failures, to face difficulties courageously. One day, they would achieve their goals. Success is a great thing but failure teaches us many things. So, we shouldn’t get afraid from failure. For instance, a teacher in the class, says a student to read a paragraph. The student reads but make mistakes. The teacher corrects these mistakes….means not repeat next time. Like that, we should also learn from mistakes (failure). First, we will make a mistake, then would learn from it and get success. All the time, we don’t become a victim of failure. We shouldn’t stop achieving our aims after failure. We should keep trying to achieve. At last, would achieve our goals(success). Fir example, sometimes after facing failure, we often say that: “Allah will make it better.”When we say these words, it means that we’re hopeful. We haven’t lose hope. Like that, we should be hopeful all the time. When we will be hopeful, success would be achieved. Hope is a powerful thing which can bring you through the darkest night, but when this hope becomes an impossible dream, then it doesn’t remains hope, it changes into despair. Despair is a feeling which can bring you in the darkest night and you never find a way to come out of it. Those people who get dismayed, never succeed in life because they give up their goals to move to the next step of life. They don’t want to become succeed in life. Despair makes them unsuccessful.Difficulties come in every person’s life. These are parts of life. We have to face them courageously, not by giving up(losing hope). If we would give up on the first attempt, we would never be able to move to the next step of life. If we want to become succeed in life, we would have to learn to overcome difficulties. So, be hopeful and never become a victim of despair.We often say that:”The world is established on hope.” Then why do we lose hope? Why don’t we learn facing things?

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