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Why Kamber deprives of basic facilities??

Gulshan Habib Chandio
District Kamber Shahdadkot is socio-economically deprived of basic health, sanitation, Education , poverty, pure drinking water etc so This is district Head Quarter which was created in 2004 in the regime of Q-League, Arbab Ghulam Rahim Chief Minster Sindh so people of Kamber got district by blood shed and martyrdoms, but Kamber still deprived of basic facilities because there is no Health facilities despite district Head quarter Hospital which was established with huge amount of money but there is nothing even though first aid is not given to serious patients due to non-availabilty of specialist doctors and many people come from far flung areas in the time of emergency at mid night whereas, Building of district Hospital is gorgeous and looking so beautiful and attractive which has been useless for the people of Kamber and women also come from villages where there is no BHU Health centre and pregnant women feel troubles during sudden delivery and when they travel to reach 40 km away from Kamber DHQ hospital but when they see barren and no one Gynaecologist Lady doctor available in the hospital in the darkness of night so they become disappointed and further travel more distance in serious condition to reach Larkana so what a tragic matter that people suffer for treatment in troubles time and wander here and there but there is no proper health facility due to negligence of Health department govt of Sindh so Here Question arises in the mind of public that why such glorious buildings have been built with heavy budgets but there is no facility and our elected representatives don’t pay heed towards Health facilities. Kamber has been sub division in british era and now it has distorted its historical status and our City looks like heap of garbage and drains overflow due to not digging drains consequently drains overflow and contaminated drain water is always stagnant on the main roads and streets of entrances of public and people suffer in such kind of filthy environment and almost sweepers are white- collar who do not perform their duties honestly but they take lucrative salaries and also demand for other benefits when political people interfere in the recruitments process of lower staff and indulge to recruit their own party workers, so it is clear that those people snatch the rights of deserving lower staff positions when such political influence will be exercised in the recruitment process, consequently our cities will look like heap of garbage and filthy environment will spread various epidemic diseases, mosquitos have risen in every nook and corner of area due to garbage and Muncipal administration is a slept and not serious to make environment clean and tidy, despite citizens have been protesting and had protested against TMO adminstration but Muncipal adminstration does not pay heed towards cleanliness of city, untill political recruitments will be held and our historical cities will be devastated so lets make environment of our own cities healthy and ensure to provide basic and fundamental Health as well as other basic needs. People of Kamber belonging to rural areas almost depend on agriculture which is their economic source of livelihood and acute Shortage of water makes fertile land barren which is negligence of Govt as well as irrigation department which permits illegal distribution of water to make fertile land of feudal lords on the priority basis and provide less water to land lords at the tail whereas it is fundamental rule to provide water in excess to those land lords who are existing in the tail when there is acute scarcity of water, consequently there is less production yielded which troubles for peasants and growers to face heavy expenditures and survive.

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