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Headless Government

Naseebullah Khan
Imran Khan led PTI government that has announced gathering on D Chawk Islamabad on the day of vote of no confidence againt Imran Khan reflects frustration and rudderless state of affairs on the part of PTI,s big wigs. In its response, the opposition has announced long march from 23rd March towards D Chowk too. At a time when the countru needs unity, the government itself is dragging it into anarchy and chaos.Vote of no confidence is a part of democratic process that demands coherent strategies on the part of government to avert it. Despite it, the government itself is moving towards confrontation with opposition parties. Democratic spirit demands that parlimentary issues owe to be resolved in parliament through constititional means. At a juncture, when the government has to manage its numbers inside parliament, to take confidence of its allies and its own party members__ it has been focusing on outside parliament measures, violence, dragging establishment into politics, and playing games amid strain financial and foreign policy crises. Calling a million people on D Chowk for no reason does not make any sense.What caused opposition to put no confidence motion against Imran khan? Had Imran Khan been able to create national harmony, to cement institutional balance, to take parliament into confedence on major state issues, to put the economy on track, not to give the perception that the establishment was on his side, and ending political vandalism_____ there would have been no chance of no confidence movemnet. Neither the state would have reached at the brink of devestation nor the current uncertainty and violence happend. The cracks in the government party speaks volume of one man rule and undemocratic behaviour. Many PTI MNA,s and coalation partners complain of neglegence on the part of federal government including the Prime Minister himself. This has made the situation more vulnerable for Imran Khan who, in frustration is directly threatening opposition for the consequences. On the flip side, the growing dissatisfaction of the people has decreased Imran Khan popularity as a result he has failed to calmed down public sentiments. On the other side, despite peeking into his own collar, Mr. Imran Khan has alleged that some foreign power is behind the move. This stubbornness and immature behaviour have further volatiled the situation. Pakistan cannot afford instability. Political instability, violance, immoral statements on the part of prime minister, and alleging some one for the sake of allegation never work. It is high time that both government and opposition to feel the heat of the situation and donot make no confidence move as an Issue of life and death.

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