Legendary Academician Miamoona Abdullah Retires

Rayees Ahmad Kumar
Famous British poet and writer William Shakespeare has said in one of his beautiful sonnet ” Like the waves make towards the pebbled shore, So do our minutes hasten to their end “. In these lines Shakespeare wants to show us how the precious minutes of our one time life offer are making to their end silently without any rest or pause. Indeed the minutes, hours, days, months and years of our life pass like the non-stop traffic on the road. So to reap the maximum benifits from these months and years of life, we must be concerned about the purpose of our coming into this world. Fortunately we all who have gathered here today are Muslims by birth and we have a definite and well-defined aim, duty and purpose of living this life. The duty of enlightening our fellow beings. Few days before distinguished Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik was asked a question ” what is the best profession for a muslim? He replied… To invite people to the right path. Educating people is the best way to enlighten people and to show them the right path. Dear friends as we all know today we have gathered here in the campus of Govt HSS Khanabal to mark the contribution of a legendary educationist who has served the society in the form of giving quality education to thousands of students of entire South Kashmir for last more than three decades. She has transformed the lives of thousands of people through her philanthropical nature. She is none but my mentor, ideal, guide and above all the dearest teacher I have ever had in my life. She is Mymoona Madam who taught me during 2000, 2001 when I was in 11th and 12th class. Madam, the memories are still fresh in my mind when I recieved your first general lecture about the morphology of plants. This lecture was given to a jam packed audiance of more than 100 students. Among them I think i was the luckiest one to be added in the list of your students. This first demo class of yours impressed me so much that i too desired to be a teacher. Due to the prayers of my teachers like Mymoona Madam I succeeded in becoming a teacher. Madam, your art of teaching, the way you handled academic assignments and most remarkably the style of treating your students are some of the virtues and qualities seldom found in a person. Be it your efforts for the restoration of lost glory of Girl’s HSS Ranibagh Anantnag or beautifying the landscape and raising the academic standard of this institution , madam would always be remembered by your fellow colleagues as well as your students. Not only that, madam you would also be remembered by your students who realised their dreams in their lives. As hundreds of doctors, engineers, professors, scientists and administrators have been produced through your noble hands under your mentorship. Madam, truly you have proved the famous saying that ” A teacher is a tree and all other professions are it’s fruits. Last couple of years have witnessed downfall of academic scenario all over India due to pandemic situations of covid. To run the smooth academics and also heading an educational institution was really a challenging affair in these circumstances. Madam, you have handled and faced every situation with an iron fist even in these abnormal conditions. You really proved to be an iron lady with strong commitment, dedication for the legitimate duties and nobility in your profession. Madam, today as you are retiring from your active professional services. This grand gathering has assembled here to pay their love and respect for their colleague, teacher and above all their loving and humble boss. From tomorrow you won’t be with us as a colleague and as a staff member of this institution but your mentorship and guidance would continue to lead us to confront different situations in academic affairs as well as in routine day to day life as you have been guiding us even in family affairs. Madam, you treated your every student not only as a student but as your own kid all your professional carear. You left no stone unturned to make the educational institutions wherever you were posted as the excellent seats of learning. Both as an administrator and an excellent academician madam you have succeeded in finding a place in the hearts of your well wishers. Madam it is because of your dedication to the job, humble nature of yours and quality of treating every body alike irrespective of status and any other background that we are bidding adieu to you amid tearful eyes on the occasion of your superannuation. Madam, honestly speaking if I would try to list the qualities and virtues almighty Allah has bestowed you and if i try to through light on your leadership traits, it would turn into a book. Your untiring efforts for running the school affairs smoothly and dedication for your professional job speaks a lot and it is an eye opener for all of us. Madam, I really owe a lot to you. What I am today is only because of my teacher like Mymoona Madam. You have put your noble efforts in shaping my personality. It is impossible to express my gratitude merely through these words but Madam, remembering an ordinary guy like me on this special day of yours means a lot to me. Today an impressive grand farewell function was organised by the school staff to bid adieu to the retiring officer in which people and dignitaries from all walks of life participated. Principles of Anantnag district Higher secondary schools, CEO Anantnag, additional deputy commissioner Anantnag Gh Hassan Sheikh and former secretary education G A Peer graced this special occasion. Emotional scenes were observed the moment Mymoona Madam disembarked from her vehicle. She was given a rousing reception and a warm send off. Amid welcome song and claps from all sides she was accompanied by the large contingent of her colleagues, invited guests and students of the institution from school gate to the function venue. Speakers threw light on the contribution of madam for the society and all in one voice described her a great educationist and a distinguished academician. So to conclude my tribute for my ever best teacher, mentor, ideal and guide, i would like to say these words ” may almighty Allah bless you in your post retirement life, may you live a long, healthy, prosperous and contended life “. You have served the society and your community to the fullest of your abilities and capabilities for which almighty Allah shall reward you both in this world as well as in hereafter. Lastly I shall conclude with this Urdu poetry couplet..

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