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People of AJK and Pakistan still remember golden age of Nawaz Sharif: Shah Ghulam Qadir

LONDON: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had a long meeting with Chief Organizer PML-N Azad Jammu and Kashmir Shah Ghulam Qadir.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif approved to take all democratic steps to overthrow the government established in Azad Kashmir on the basis of stolen mandate.

The latest political situation in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, Tehreek-e-Azadi Kashmir and reorganization of PML-N in Azad Kashmir were discussed in detail during the meeting.

In a meeting held in London yesterday, PML-N leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif while talking to Shah Ghulam Qadir said that his blood is shed with Kashmiris. The Kashmiri people have an immortal history of sacrifices against India’s open aggression. No power in the world can deprive Kashmiris of their right to self-determination.

And India will one day have to resolve the Kashmir issue according to the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people in accordance with the UN resolutions.

The Pakistani nation will continue to provide political, diplomatic and moral support to its Kashmiri brethren. Senior PML-N leader and former federal finance minister Ishaq Dar, PML-N leaders Zubair Gul, Rehman Arain and Sajid Yaqoob were also present on the occasion.

In the meeting, Shah Ghulam Qadir congratulated Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on the apology of Broadsheet chief Kave Mousavi on behalf of Kashmiri people and said that in the name of accountability Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and PML-N, the conspiracy to discredit the top leadership has been exposed.

Paying tributes on behalf of the Kashmiri people on this important occasion, he said that Imran Khan’s notorious government was nearing its end and the people of the Free Zone would welcome the arrival of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan. Talking to Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Shah Ghulam Qadir said that the people of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan still remember your golden age and are waiting to see when you will visit Pakistan. It will regain its lost ground and the golden age of construction and development will begin again. Shah Ghulam Qadir apprised Muhammad Nawaz Sharif of the latest political situation in Azad Kashmir and said that the central government of PTI had interfered in the last general elections.

He further said that the sacrifices made by the Muslim League leadership for the restoration of democracy and supremacy of constitution and law in Pakistan are a significant chapter in history. On this occasion, Shah Ghulam Qadir, Chief Organizer of PML-N Azad Jammu and Kashmir presented a report to PML-N leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Nawaz Sharif regarding reorganization of PML-N in Azad Kashmir.

Shah Ghulam Qadir told Muhammad Nawaz Sharif that the PML-N President Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and other leaders of the Muslim League had received full patronage and guidance in the reorganization for which he was also grateful to them. On this occasion, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif congratulated Shah Ghulam Qadir on timely completion of reorganization of PML-N at grass root level and sent greetings to the PML-N workers.

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