Muhammad Afzal Shaikh
Pakistan has been confronting an overpopulation crisis since earlier times. Overpopulation is the state where the existing population surges to a pernicious extent. Additionally, The mounting overpopulation can not meet the basic needs due to their shortage. They cast a grave burden on the available resources and lead them toward pressing paucity. Resultantly, numerous lethal predicaments ensue such as unemployment, the surge in crimes and grisly road mishaps many more. In the same way, the swelling overpopulation exposes societal peace to considerable damage. Serious accidents are badly deadly to the prosperity of nations. Various homes lose their key members. Consequently, their conditions were badly tarnished. Apart from this, the whole of the country encounters food scarcity. Starvation and famine badly influence the mentalities of citizens. They, unhealthy minds, fail to collect the required outcomes. Furthermore, other social amenities were also disturbed awfully.It proves that overpopulation is an ancient crisis for Pakistan. It throws horrid influences upon the advancement of society through every side. Therefore, the existing government should take possibly dynamic initiatives to limit the bane. They must educate the citizens about overpopulation’s disastrous impacts. In this way, a persistent and substantial control over the population stoppage can be maintained successfully.

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