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Jamhoori Wattan Party always strengthens federation in Balochistan: Syed Irtafa Ali

Karachi: March 23rd Pakistan Day is a very important day in the history of this country. The Pakistan Resolution was introduced on March 23, 1940. On the basis of that, the Muslim League started a movement for the separate homeland of Muslims in the subcontinent and, after seven years, succeeded in getting their demand approved. These views were expressed by Syed Irtafa Ali, senior leader of the Jamhoori Wattan Party in Karachi. Addressing a meeting held in the Central District of Sakhi Hasan. He said that Pakistan is going through its most difficult period today. The Jamhoori Wattan Party has always strengthened the federation in Balochistan and will continue to take all possible steps for the security of the country to strengthen the structure of our dear country, Pakistan. Therefore, Chairman Jamhoori Wattan Party Nawabzada Shazain Bugti is taking all possible steps. In addition, when Pakistan became independent, the Baloch Regiment also played an important role in supporting those who migrated from India to this country, which is also mentioned in the books.

The manifesto of our party is: Jamhoori Wattan Party is not only a political party of Balochs but can include Sindhi, Mohajir, Punjabi, Pathan, Baloch, Brohi, and other minorities like Hindus, Christians, Parsis, and others. A cake was cut on the occasion and Farhan Abbas, General Secretary Central District Haris Ahmed, Amir Momin, Naveed Shah, Syed Khurram Rashid, Farooq Omar and others were present on the occasion.

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