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Overseas Kashmiri Community demand justice for Fatima Inqilab Abbasi

ITALY: Fatima Inqilab Abbasi should be given full justice: Overseas Kashmiri community

Sardar Atiq Ahmad Khan should play his role in providing justice to the innocent daughter

Deputy Commissioner issue domicile to Bagh Fulfour Fatima Inqilab Abbasi

This is not a problem of the community alone, this is a problem of humanity. Beyond the community, justice should be provided to Fatima Inqilab Abbasi. The present government should arrange a house for Fatima Inqilab Abbasi.

The joint statement said that they strongly condemn this incident. Such faces hidden in society should be boycotted. Fatima Inqilab Abbasi is the daughter of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Where are those who talk of oppression and protection of sisters and daughters in Indian controlled Jammu and Kashmir today?

The attitude of Inqilab Abbasi, President of Muslim Conference Union Council Chamyati towards his daughter, which is not only reprehensible but also we feel that everyone in the state of Bagh is silent on this incident, all are guilty of Fatima Inqilab Abbasi.

In response to a question, he said that a girl has put her message in front of people through social media. Local people should play their role and resolve this issue. It is no longer a domestic issue, it is a humanitarian issue.

If any kind of incident occurs then the responsibility will be on the Bagh administration. The life of the girl is in grave danger.

An innocent daughter is longing for the love of her father and if the locals are involved in communalism then the community should first boycott the person who cannot belong to their daughter.

How can such a person belong to the community? Union Council President appointed faces fesponsible for the destruction of the Muslim Conference. Such faces couldn’t even give justice to their daughter.

It is the responsibility of the central leadership of the Muslim Conference to provide justice to Fatima Inqilab Abbasi.

Statement said that people should recognize such leaders and hold them accountable. They vote in the name of Kashmir’s sons and then when it comes to protecting their sons, they support criminals.

The Prime Minister should protect the Fulfur Fatima Inqilab Abbasi, and fix the matter.

Whatever happens to Fatima Inqilab Abbasi, the leadership and administration of the Muslim Conference will be the responsibility of Bagh and the present government.

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