900 billion development budget will be given to which?

The NHA will get Rs 113.95 billion for road construction

Which of the 900 billion development budget will be given to which institution?


The NHA will get Rs 113.95 billion for road construction
110 billion for water resources, 53 billion for NTDC and PEPCO
Planning division will get Rs 99 billion, railways Rs 30 billion, document
94.60 billion to the Finance Division and Rs. 56 billion to the Cabinet Division
The Higher Education Commission will get a development budget of Rs 37 billion, the document said
Development budget of Rs 8 billion allocated for IT and telecom, document
Rs 22.82 billion has been set aside for national health, the document said
The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission will get Rs 30 billion and the Interior Ministry will get Rs 22 billion
Decision to provide Rs 14.84 billion to Housing and Works, document
The defense division and defense production will receive a budget of over Rs 3 billion, the document said

Total current expenditure is estimated at Rs. 7523 billion.

Rs 3060 billion allocated for debt and interest payments

Rs 900 billion allocated for development program for next financial year

Rs 1168 billion has been set aside for grants to the provinces.

Rs 480 billion allocated for pension

Rs 1370 billion allocated for defense in next financial year

Rs 479 billion has been allocated for civil government.

Rs 682 billion has been set aside for subsidies.

Rs 100 billion has been earmarked for emergencies.

Rs 160 billion has been earmarked for salaries and pensions.

The government has set a total revenue of Rs 7909 billion for the next financial year.

FBR revenue has been set at Rs. 5829 billion.

Non-tax revenue has been set at Rs 2,080 billion.

The revenue share of the provinces has been kept at Rs. 3412 billion.

Revenue from privatization is estimated at Rs 252 billion.

Tea Bills and Sukuk are estimated to fetch Rs 681 billion.

1246 billion from abroad is estimated.


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