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PML-Q, MQM decide to go ahead under joint strategy

ISLAMABAD (ZNN TV):  Government allied parties PML-Q and MQM have decided to go ahead under joint strategy in future.

Meeting took place between PML-Q and MQM Thursday and the two sided exchanged views at length over prevailing political situation of the country.

Both the parties have agreed on making political decisions through consultation.

Sources said PML-Q leaders said ruling party’s own members are annoyed with government and they have not been pacified so far. Government is suffering loss due to delaying its decisions.

MQM delegation apprised PML-Q leaders of their meeting with Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan.
MQM leaders said the promises made with them have not been delivered despite being government ally. We sided with government every moment despite our reservations. If opposition claims are proved true then the allies will too have to face humiliation. The success of no trust motion from opposition relies on the dissident members of ruling party.

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