Political Dignity

Sidra Irum
In fact, our politics is a strange disease, people do not tolerate differences of opinion, everyone considers himself honest and the other dishonest. Consensus means obedience and disagreement means betrayal. Politicians, where the reputation of nations is auctioned, their market is settled. In their aspect, the place of the heart is stoned. More than that, those who play with human destiny are extinct in the whole of human history. The assassins did not cut off as many heads as their tongues did. They think from the heart and feel from the mind. Sometimes there are people who kill Mirza by their brothers. Sometimes Sohni is drowning in the path of Mahinwal, sometimes it is Laila who invites the insane to get a view from the palace and sometimes the story of hero Ranjha comes to an end … Today’s friends become tomorrow’s enemies and tomorrow’s enemies become today’s friends. What is said on the throne today has to be said on gallow tomorrow. Politics is the name of something that has no heart and the members of this caravan are devoted to each other. Their friendship is like the kites that fly on Basant which fly among themselves and cut each other. In fact, the courage of those who trust the promises of politicians. In the *”????? ???? ????”* of politics, there is a strange store of conflict. Calling someone a traitor is our daily routine. The first brick of disagreement is that whoever disagrees should be called a traitor, a traitor, an agent, a scoundrel, a spy and an enemy of Islam. It is a matter of pleasure or oppression that it mostly affects those workers who are more sincere in the matter of public welfare or those whose righteous tongues refuse to call *”??? ????”*. Just consider how many traitors we did not call in this period and how many people were not called enemies of the country … The faster we tore our throats and called each other traitors, the faster we hugged each other. Shook hands, hugged Established previous relationships. Even these two were able to die … But who was harmed? The political intellect of the nation or the national honor of the country was ridiculed By many … From moment to moment our dignity fell.

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