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Golan Heights; Israel’s illegal settlement.

Ghulam Asghar Bhutto
Do you know about Golan Heights? If don’t, let us to know. It is hilly area overlooking the upper Jordan river valley, the integral part of Syria, located at the border with Palestinian land (Occupied by Israel). It was captured by Israel during the Middle East war of 1967. In connection to the war of 1967, Arab – Israel war, the Arabs ware defeated badly, by taking crucial moment Israel not only captured Golan heights but also Sinai peninsula, Gaza Strip, West Bank and Old city of Jerusalem. In history, this war is known as the Six Day War. Moreover, due to its geographical location, the region is suitable for agriculture and horticulture in comparison to Israel’s rest of dry territory. Furthermore, it has been used by Israel as a protection against Iran and its allies in Syria. In retaliation to Israel’s illegal occupation in Golan Heights, Syria is unable to take back its territory. The country have been facing the civil war over decades. Meanwhile, terrorism, extremism, discrimination, displacement of millions people, starvation, insecurity, are the common issues in Syria. Besides all, Syrian government have raised concerns over its mainland’s territory but some has rightly said that; “In a society of criminals, the innocent men goes to jail”. This is what, the Israelis are treating not only with Syrian leadership but Palestinians, Jordanians and Iraqis. Currently, Israel is settling the Jewish people in Golan Heights, despite of its unlawful occupation. According to a report, Israel is making plans to double the size of Jewish settlers living in Golan Heights. Resultantly, Muslims are being martyred, wounded, discriminated and displaced from the occupied territory. In a nutshell, openly, Israel have been violating the international laws of sovereignty. Meanwhile, global powers, especially western countries are supporting, funding, training and are providing defense equipments against Arabs in Middle East. But who is responsible, to take fruitful actions against Israel’s violence. International institutions should play their crucial role, by abating Israel’s illegal occupation. Similarly, OIC would have to pay serious attention towards oppressed Palestinians, Syrian and Jordanians.

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