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A woman is an identity

Qadeer Hassan
Obviously, a woman is the identity and identifies a nation proudfuly. Well, nations progress is impossible without trained and educated women. Infact, education is what changes a person and porvides a new life. As well as, it is lighter than sun and moon to shine in the world. Well it is one the basic right of every human in existence. Truly, no country will achieve progress and development without women involvement. Even though, it is the best protective shield against the ignorance in one’s life. More importantly, it is essential to be aware and to be connected with creativity and awareness. It does not only remove ignorances of a nation, but it also makes the nations skillful well progressed. Further, it is said that if you educate a woman at least you will educate a nation neck and neck. It is to be noted that a woman is really an identification of a nation. We have to remember that woman has much tolerance to fight against miseries. Likewise, a huge family is incomplete suffering without a woman. Also, when a woman get education obviously, she creates home schooling, because home is the best and first place where children get the main meaning of their lives and they can learn moral values, ethics, basic knowledge whatever one can think of. To sum my points it is needed to respect woman and care them.

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