OSU thanks SAROSHIANS for gracing ‘’ANNUAL REUNION-2022’’ Congregation Thru Their Large Presence

Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR [AJK],   (ZNN TV)  : Justice [Retd] Muhammad Azam Khan and Engr. Muhammad Iqbal Ratayal, Supreme Head and President respectively of the Old Saroshians Union [OSU] Mirpur AJK, the solitary forum of old students of the ancient [75-year-old] Govt. Post Graduate Degree College in this lake city of Mirpur on Monday thanked the participant old and existing students of the college for gracing the largely-attended 2nd Anniversary ‘’ANNUAL REUNION-2022’’ ceremony through their presence in hundreds of numbers, sharing and exchanging the old sweet memories of their respective student life in the ancient academia.

‘’ We thank all of those SAROSHIANS, who enjoyed proud moments while peeping in the past of GCM’s old good days”, the OSU leaders said in an informal chat to the media here Monday evening.

“ Justice [Retd] Azam Khan, former Chief Justice of Azad Jammu Kashmir Supreme Court and Engr. Iqbal Ratayal, Secretary [Retd] to AJK Govt. for State Power Dept. extended gratitude all of the office bearers, executive members of the OSU besides all
SAROSHIANS who all the way travelled from near, far and abroad to attend the historical ceremony, our special AJK Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao reports from Mirpur.

“Our gratitude also for all those SAROSHIANS who joined us via video link and expressed their sentiments sharing their sweet memories of their respective college life in the historical academia”, the OSU leaders said.
They also lauded and thanked for the exceptional facilitation by the college Principal, Academic/administration staff through their dedicated hard work and assistance that made this event to happen in distinguished manner.

“May Allah, the Almighty, bless all of us providing identical opportunities to get together again in the future”, the two old Saroshians prayed”.

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