We will work for the development of the backward areas Prime Minister Imran Khan

Addressing a rally in Mianwali, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he was especially grateful to the workers of Mianwali. If I am the Prime Minister today, it is because of the workers here. Diya, Mianwali’s development will be seen after 5 years of government.

The Prime Minister said that nothing has been done for the tribal areas of Pakistan in the past due to which these areas have lagged behind. We will work for the development of the backward areas. That Pakistan is still the cheapest country, the problem is that in a few months the prices of coal, gas and petroleum products will rise in Pakistan due to Corona all over the world, but in 2 to 4 months the prices in the world market. If there are less then there will be less in Pakistan also.
Imran Khan said that a successful Pakistan scheme has been created for 2 million families, through which these families will be given 30% discount on flour, ghee and pulses, money will be given to these people so that they can get these things at low prices. An interest free loan scheme of Rs. 5 lakhs has been prepared for families, interest free loans will be given to farmers in villages, Rs. 27 lakhs will be given to each family for building houses, now every family across Punjab will be given health card, The series will start from January and every single family in the whole of Punjab will get the card till March, which will have the facility of treatment of Rs. 1 million. The highest amount of money will be spent on youth education. Scholarships of Rs. 47 billion will be given to 62 lakh youth of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for higher education.

The Prime Minister said that I had promised the people here that Pakistan would not bow down to anyone and would not enslave anyone, one day Pakistan would become an independent country which would stand on its own two feet He will make the decisions himself, those decisions will be for the benefit of the people.
Imran Khan said that we are ready to talk to all, whether someone’s ideology is different from ours or he is from any party, whether he is from tribal Balochistan or Waziristan people, everyone will talk, we have issues of peace. Want to solve, but will never talk or reconcile with those who stole the money of the people of Pakistan and fled abroad.

The Prime Minister said that a nation which does not have the rule of law is doomed, the nation which does not bring the powerful under the law and gives NR to the big robbers cannot move forward. Why should we work when we have to make money for robbery, today the countries that do not deal with putting thieves in jails are prosperous, and they are poor countries where people went abroad with money, we stole the country’s money We will not reconcile with those who go out and give them NROs.

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