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August 17, 2021

1- After 20 years of struggle, they managed to oust the occupiers. Afghan soil will not be allowed to be used for terrorism. Afghan soil will not be a part of any war. They will not make anyone an enemy in the country. Karda has good relations with Pakistan, Russia and China, not part of any bloc. Taliban press conference

2- Taliban Deputy Chief Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar arrives in Afghanistan after 20 years. Mullah Baradar’s plane reaches Kandahar from Doha. After a short stay, Mullah Baradar will reach Kabul.

  1. The Prime Minister took the Cabinet into confidence on the situation in Afghanistan. It is satisfactory that there will be no bloodshed due to the changes taking place in Afghanistan. He hoped that the new Afghan administration would abide by international law. Fawad Chaudhry 4- Heavy responsibility on Afghan leaders, sit together and decide the future. Pakistan is a supporter of peace in Afghanistan. Reiteration of full solidarity with the Afghan people and commitment to strong support. Prime Minister Imran Khan 5- Pakistan stands with the people of Afghanistan and will continue to provide all possible support for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan. Peace and stability in Afghanistan is essential for peace and prosperity in the region.
  2. PM’s contact with world leaders on the situation in Afghanistan Imran Khan’s telephone conversation with his British counterpart The Prime Minister briefed on Pakistan’s position on the situation in Afghanistan. The Foreign Minister will soon visit Afghanistan’s neighboring countries. Imran Khan 7- The first thief was the ruler, now the real owner of the country has come. Ashraf Ghani was dishonest. He ran away in 4 cars full of dollars. Maulvi Abdul Haq Hammad 8- Taliban leadership prevents militants from entering homes. Audio message of Mullah Yaqub, head of Taliban military commander. Will be allowed to work Sohail Shaheen 9- Routine life in Afghanistan, shops, shops, hotel parks reopened, traffic warden takes over duty, Taliban patrols the streets, Taliban announces amnesty
  3. The decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was the right one. There is no regret. The United States has given weapons to the training of Afghan forces. Ashraf Ghani was advised to negotiate with the Taliban but he refused. US President 11- US military-run operations at Kabul airport resumed. Military flights continue. Evacuation of foreigners, including Americans. Indian diplomatic staff left Kabul. Hundreds of Indians left for New Delhi. Thousands of Afghans at Kabul airport. Pictures of
  4. The President of Pakistan rejects the accusation of Western countries supporting the Taliban. The accusation against Pakistan should be stopped. No country is responsible for the downfall of the former government of Afghanistan. We will support any government formed by the will of the Afghan people. Interview of President Arif Alawi on Turkish TV
  5. PPP demands to take Parliament into confidence on the issue of Afghanistan. All stakeholders should work together for peace in Afghanistan. It is necessary to keep an eye on the situation in Pakistan after the situation in Afghanistan. Bilawal Zardari

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