Today in Gujjar Khan the weather will cross the figure of 44°C

I have been working on my share of candle lighting for the past year.

Gujjar Khan Weather

Today in my city Gujjar Khan the weather will cross the figure of 44 degrees Celsius. My second city, Lahore, must have become an oven where I have to return this Sunday. I don’t need to ask or tell because if someone is feeling dizzy outside the house today, he must be feeling the intensity himself.
Whatever profession you are associated with in life, you have a direct relationship with the environment. You are constantly benefiting from this environment for the survival of your life. On the contrary, in many cases, they are contributing to the pollution of their environment on a daily basis. That contamination can occur in many forms, such as daily plastic use, your car fumes, household waste or hydrofluorocarbon gas used in household appliances such as AC and refrigerators.
It is the duty of all of us to protect ourselves and others from the scourge of global warming caused by the pollution we spread. The corona virus must have taught you the lesson that sometimes natural conditions become such that we become helpless despite having millions, billions of treasures in hand. Death reaches every home without distinguishing between rich and poor.
I have been working on my share of candle lighting for the past year. I beg you to plant your share of the tree. It will be a great gift from you for the environment and a great charity for your own hereafter with very little investment. If there is space in your house, apply it in the house. If there is no space in the house, apply it somewhere outside the house. And if you have a blessing like water, don’t wait for the rain. Now, passing a nursery, bring shade or fruit plants and dig a pit. If you continue to water daily, the plant will grow in the same season, God willing, and will bloom more in the rainy season.
If you know how to speak, invite people around you to a tea party and bring them together by informing them about this regional and global issue. Plant with their hands. So that ownership is created in them and they protect and irrigate your plants.
Negative attitudes prevail in our society. You plant 50 plants in the spring. Maybe 10 will be lost. Instead of despair, you should invest 50 more in monsoon tree planting. If 10 of them were lost, 80 trees would be benefiting the environment and God’s creatures in a year. Twice a year comes the regular planting season. If you do not plant trees all year round, then you must do your duty in these two seasons. If Allah, the Lord of Glory, has endowed you with leadership abilities, then you must use them in these small but huge activities for the sake of Allah.
– Shahbaz Hafeez


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