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1- The self-proclaimed democrats are telling the army to overthrow the government. All the mafias are fighting to protect their interests. Everywhere there is a mafia who wants the government to fail so that they can take advantage. Where did we start in the first week? Is the new pakistan Imran Khan

2- They are not asking anyone to overthrow the government. The Prime Minister of Raiwind was allowed to go despite his punishment. Bilawal’s satire on Nawaz Sharif. Opposition leader of Punjab gets bail, Sindh gets bail. If the friends of the Prime Minister are accused, they should not go to jail. Bilawal Zardari

3- We will not remove the government with the help of any institution. PPP regrets what it has done. It will become a part of PDM. External pressure from the rulers is not being tolerated. The economy has improved due to Corona funds. فضل الرحمن

4- If Bilawal talks about corruption, it seems to be a sign of doomsday. He does not criticize those who are heating up the market of corruption in Sindh. PPP has nurtured mafia everywhere and destroyed national institutions. Farrukh Habib

5. No answer to the 15 15 trillion debt that is growing on the nation. 50 million people have become poor and unemployed. Maryam Aurangzeb

6- Opposition commotion in Sindh Assembly Opposition members gathered in front of Speaker Dice carrying placards with slogans of government water thief. Speaker Siraj Durrani adjourned the meeting till June 7 due to continuous protests. Khurram Sher Zaman demanded Governor’s rule in Sindh.

7. Budget will not ignore urban areas of Sindh. Action will be taken against those who make fake domiciles in urban areas. PM assures MQM to have funds for census.

8- Opposition’s noise in the Punjab Assembly has become a drunken fish market. Opposition has torn down copies of the agenda. Slogans against the government. The Punjab government has passed four bills despite the opposition’s opposition.

9- CTD summons Farooq Sattar and 19 advocates After interrogation of MQM London terrorists, 19 advocates will be questioned on terrorism in Hyderabad.

10. After Maharashtra, Jharkhand also openly sells uranium. Police arrested 7 people and recovered 6.4 kg of uranium. Pakistan concerned over uranium sale business in India. Foreign Office spokesman calls for global probe.

11. The federal budget for the next financial year will be presented on June 11. The fourth finance minister of the government, Shaukat Tareen, will present the budget. The volume of the budget will exceed Rs 8,000 billion. The tax target will be Rs 5,000 billion. Possibility of expansion

12. Khursheed Shah will approach the High Court on the basis of delay in the trial. Reprimand of NAB officers in the Supreme Court for the third day in a row. Re-trial after two years means bail seems to be guaranteed. NAB does everything with the connivance of the accused. Supreme Court

13- Corruption is an obstacle in the way of development all over the world. Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal addressed the special session of the General Assembly. ہزار 7000 billion is stolen from developing countries annually. International cooperation against corruption must be made effective. Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal

14. The Oil Advisory Council has written a letter to the Ministry of Energy informing the Ministry of Energy that there is a 21-day supply of petrol and diesel in the country.

(The ZNN)

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