Voices against atrocities against women have risen in India as well as around the world Sherry Rehman

Senator Sherry Rehman said that the ongoing human rights violations in Kashmir, especially atrocities against women, have raised voices in India as well as around the world Addressing a webinar organized by Lahore Center for Peace and Research. Sherry Rehman said that one of the reasons for raising voice against these atrocities is the Hindutva policy of the Modi government. She said that even in India people have now refused to accept Hindutva policy and enlightened Hindus are now raising their voice against this venomous Hindutva thinking. Sherry Rehman said that the foundations of India’s secular identity have also been shaken. International powers have also remained silent on the Kashmir issue, which is a major setback, said Sherry Rehman. Former Ambassador Shamshad Ahmed, moderator of it.

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