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Muslim states must counter Islamophobia, PM Khan tells OIC

Over the years, the Western world has linked radicalism and extremism with Islam and Muslims, Prime Minister Imran Khan said.…

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Two young women die by suicide in Chitral

Two young women died by suicide in Chitral, the authorities reported Tuesday. They were between the ages of 19 to…

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Rapist Gets All Of His Educational Degrees Cancelled

The Punjab Ombdusperson has imposed fine of Rs 100,000 on Teacher Tanvir Ahmad besides order regarding cancellation of his all…

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Two Swindlers Arrested In Police Uniform In Faisalabad

Rail Bazaar police arrested two swindlers in police uniform while extorting money from the shopkeepers. FAISALABAD, (APP – UrduPoint /…

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Nationwide coronavirus SOP compliance goes up to 68%: Asad Umar

Pakistan has started following coronavirus SOPs issued by the government, Federal Planning Minister Asad Umar revealed. ‚ÄúSignificant improvement has been…

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