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Nationwide coronavirus SOP compliance goes up to 68%: Asad Umar

Nationwide coronavirus SOP compliance goes up to 68%: Asad Umar

Pakistan has started following coronavirus SOPs issued by the government, Federal Planning Minister Asad Umar revealed.

“Significant improvement has been seen in SOP compliance since stronger enforcement measures such as military deployments were announced,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

According to statistics by the National Command and Operation Centre, the national average compliance has increased from 34% on April 25 to 68% in May 3.

“Need to sustain and build on this compliance level specially till Eid,” Umar added.

On Monday night, the NCOC chief said that coronavirus vaccination drive for Pakistanis above 18 years will start after Eid if there are no problems with vaccine availability.

In an interview with GNN, he shared that the government has procured sufficient vaccines but they are trying to increase the vaccination capacity of different provinces.

There are not enough vaccination centres because of which people are being made to wait. “We are administering 140,000 vaccines in a day but we hope to take the numbers to 300,000 in the next 10 days. We plan on administering 400,000 vaccines a day by May end.”

He remarked that the SOP compliance is improving in Pakistan but there is room for improvement. The virus spread has slowed down a bit but the number of critical patients in hospitals is quite alarming.

Pakistan is currently battling the third and most dangerous wave of the coronavirus. The country is reportedly consuming 90% of its oxygen supply and many hospitals are not admitting patients because they have reached their capacity.

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