‘We’re going to win this race’: Biden predicts victory as his lead over Trump grows

Supporters of US president Donald Trump gather outside the State Farm Arena as votes continue to be counted following the 2020 US presidential election, in Atlanta, Georgia, US, November 6, 2020. -REUTERS

WILMINGTON, Del./WASHINGTON: Democrat Joe Biden said he was going to win the US presidency as his lead grew over President Donald Trump in battleground states, although television networks held off from declaring him the victor as officials continued to count votes.

“The numbers tell us … it’s a clear and convincing story: We’re going to win this race,” Biden said late on Friday, adding that he and his running mate Kamala Harris were already meeting with experts as they prepare for the White House.

Americans have been waiting longer than in any presidential election since 2000 to learn the winner, as officials methodically count a record number of mail-in ballots in Tuesday’s contest. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many to avoid large groups of voters on Election Day.

With thousands of votes still to count, it was not clear when the bitter contest would conclude.

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