Promotion of Islam in Western countries

God Almighty has created man’s nature in such a way that he always seeks the truth about the problems around him when man is born and seeks truth until he sleeps until death. And lives in search. However, this effort is in proportion to its environment, hearing and physical energy and mental conditions. In other words, God Almighty has endowed human beings with enough talents and abilities to perceive perfection and truth and knowledge so that man can achieve the goal and purpose of his creation by using them. In this regard, there are many people who have used their energies through research and exploration and they have also achieved the path of happiness and perfection. One of them is an American Muslim womanThe lady is “Susan Abri”. Today we will get acquainted with the thoughts of this new Muslim woman.

Ms. Susan Abri opened her eyes to the Catholic and religious family. His father was a scholar. For this reason, he was fully acquainted with the principles and ideologies of Christianity and believed that the religion of Christianity had undergone many distortions. She says of her father, “My father had a PhD in theology and was one of the clergy of the church. He believed that the gospel in the hands of the people was different from the gospel in the hands of the Vatican.” I have He had also read the Vatican’s Gospel and said that it referred to “Ahmed” as the last prophet. In those days I did not understand my father’s words very well but the church
I told him that he was under pressure from the government and that he had been imprisoned many times. “Susan’s father’s words compelled him to investigate the last prophet. Which is mentioned in the Gospel. When they try to identify and investigate the last divine prophet, they finally become acquainted with Islam and understand that the religion of which the last prophet (SAW) Introduced is the religion of Islam.
“I have heard the name Islam on some occasions before,” she says. And it was called a violent religion in America. But despite the negative propaganda against Islam, I decided to start my study and research on Islam from the point of view of real and genuine sources, and I did so, so I got answers to many of my questions. gone . Islam and its teachings were, in fact, very appealing to us. The Islamic Revolution of Iran, on an Islamic and religious basis, not only propagated these ideologies, but also religion
He termed it as a cause of destruction and ruin of the society and declared it as invalid. Today, thanks to the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the whole world is well acquainted with the liberating and knowledgeable religion, and this revolution, even centuries later, reflects the true identity and color of Islam in the pre-revolutionary regimes. The famous French philosopher Michel Foucault, while analyzing the Islamic Revolution, writes that the people of Iran found the path of reform in Islam. Islam was the solution to their individual and collective problems. Ms. Susan Abri believes that Iran’s Islamic
The revolution helped them to better understand the true nature of Islam. “Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution in Iran made me the most important factor in getting acquainted with Islam,” she says. (AS) have returned. Gradually, as I became acquainted with Imam Khomeini and his ideas, I began to understand how Islam could be the cause of guidance and freedom for a society.
After much deliberation and study, Susan decided to choose Islam as her religion and changed her name to “Jamila Al-Furqan.” But it was very hard for her to accept this heavenly religion in a non-Islamic country, so she says many things were hard for me. I didn’t know Arabic and just learned it so I could pray. I used to feel that unless I understood the meanings of the words used in prayer, there was no point in just sitting up.
I was very depressed because I wanted to start praying as soon as possible. One day I went to a shop in the city and saw a book in English entitled “How to pray”. I was very happy when I wanted to buy the book. The book seller who was also a Muslim gave me the book as a gift. Then I memorized and learned prayers from this book. By praying, the beautiful concept of worship and adoration of the Creator came to me and I was satisfied with my choice. Earlier, my hijab was not perfect, I only wore a scarf and then later this hijab was completed.
In those days, I was a midwife in a hospital. There were people with different ideas, like a university professor who praised my hijab, but the head of the department objected to my screen, he told me. That you should take off this veil after the month of Ramadan because she thought that I only wear a scarf on my head in this month but I replied that this hijab is a part of my religion and I never did that. Will not do As a result, I had a lot of difficulties, but in reality, the veil was very important and great in my eyes and I was ready to endure all the difficulties and hardships for it. Finally, Ms. Jamila Al-Furqan, who has become addicted to Shiism,
He overcame his difficulties by relying on God Almighty and asking the Ahl al-Bayt for help. And at the moment, as a devout Muslim, she is doing her best individually and collectively. Ms. Susan says she has seen a lot of changes over the past decades on various issues related to women, including religion, but the issue that has been left unanswered by Western researchers in my view is Islam. On the other hand, there was the issue of the rising trend of Western women. Many Westerners believe that Islam is a limited religion and that it is a religion for women, whether in their individual lives or in their collective lives.
Surrounded by men and made obedient to them. Yet, surprisingly, official statistics indicate that many Western women, especially American women, have converted to Islam. In fact, a growing number of Americans have chosen Islam as their official religion and way of life, with a growing number of women. Statistics on the growing number of Muslims in the United States vary, but according to figures published in the “Alamance book of facts”,
And it’s a reliable calendar, with 100,000 people converting to Islam each year in the United States alone. And in the United States and around the world, in light of this growing number, there is a need to understand the legitimacy of Islam and its life-giving teachings.

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