Fact-check: ‘Islamic’ mattress real but company says viral ad fake

Photo: Diamond Foam

Diamond Foam has introduced Pakistan’s first “Islamic” mattress, claiming that it has been engineered to comfort people who follow the Islamic way of sleeping either on their back or the right side.

“By sleeping on the right side, the heart remains in the topside and aids in the process of rising early before sunrise to offer Fajr,” the company says.

A picture of the mattress named Saha has been doing the rounds on social media.

But a Diamond Foam official said the company didn’t peddle the advert. “The artwork is fake,” he told Samaa Money.
The fake advert circulating on social media, according to Diamond Foam.
However, the company has given a detailed description of the mattress claiming that it helps people who follow the Islamic way of sleeping.

“Scientifically developed and balanced for every body type, based on Islamic principles,” the company’s website describes the mattress.

“Medical science tells us that the best healthy sleeping position is to sleep on your back or on your right side, which is also the Islamic way of sleeping, practiced and taught 1,400 years ago,” it says.

“Sleeping on the right side does not let the weight of stomach and intestine suppress the heart, hence blood circulation is not affected.”

The mattress is available in three sizes – single, double and the king size priced at Rs17,000, Rs21,000 and Rs25,500, respectively.

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