Bhittai’s poetry collection to be published on Bhittai Pedia Application

The three-day celebrations of Sufi saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s 277th urs concluded on Sunday with an award ceremony in Bhitt Shah.

Sindh Culture Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah participated in the ceremony and praised Bhittai’s poetry and its universal message of peace and harmony. He also distributed awards.

The minister told the media a project named the Bhittai Pedia Application was being developed at the Abdul Hameed Bhugari Institute of Language and Engineering, supervised by Amar Fayaz.

“The application will contain the entire collection of Bhittai’s poetry and that of writers who have contributed to his work from across the world,” he said. He added that he had proudly launched Bhittai’s poetry books in Persian and Arabic languages, compiled by scholars Niyaz Himyaooni and Fazal Rahim Soomro, as well as books by late Mohammad Soomar Shaikh, Bharumal Amrani, Ishaq Samejo, and others.

Shah said the Sindh government had to cancel other activities during the urs celebrations due to rising coronavirus cases. “Devotees are allowed to visit the shrine under certain SOPs to avoid the virus’ spread,” said Shah, adding that he had decided to continue the tradition of awarding those contributing to Bhittai’s poetry. “A number of writers and scholars are working and researching on Bhittai’s poetry across the world, but there is still a great need to do more work in light of his vast poetry,” he said.

Known singer Rajab Fakeer, Ustad Pir Bux, musician Sono Khan aka Sarmad Chandio, Waryam Fakeer Abdul Ghaffar Khatti, and Raja Sand, received awards for their contribution to Bhittai’s poetry. The Latif Award was posthumously awarded to Shaikh Mohammad Soomar for his book on the poet’s life.

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